I QUIT SMOKING FOR THIS? Skimming the online edition of the Los Angeles Times, I clicked on the headline, “State’s Air Is Among the Nation’s Worst”. According to an EPA report, “Californians are breathing some of the most toxic air in the nation, with residents of Los Angeles and Orange counties exposed to a cancer risk about twice the national average.” My first thought was, “Whew, I glad I got the heck out of there.” Which was soon followed by a haughty, derisive, “Hah, you silly, smoothie-slurping, tracksuit-wearing, image-worshipping, smoking-in-bars-banning exercise freaks! Your precious SUVs spell your doom.” Of course, the third paragraph of the article reads, “New York tops the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list” for highest chance of contracting cancer from breathing the air. Curses, foiled again.