JUDAS COMES BACK TO FENWAY AND IT ISN’T PRETTY. Johnny Damon tipped his hat even as the faithful booed. It probably shows he’s a classy guy – which certainly counts for something, but not so much that it could stop the jeering. Joe Torre can’t understand it: Johnny gave Boston four great years and a championship title. Are we really so ungrateful? But it’s not just because Damon’s a traitor or because he chose money over loyalty (five years for $52 million to play for the Yankees, instead of $40 million to spend eternity as a Boston legend). No, I think we boo because if we didn’t, then we’d be making a mockery of the rivalry itself. Johnny’s defection stings. But his belief that we’d welcome him back to Fenway wearing pinstripes is an even bigger insult. We loved him and we cheered him because he helped us beat the hated Yankees in the greatest comeback ever. If we also cheered him in his return as the enemy, then it’s as if we never really loved him in the first place. Or to put it another way: If the rivalry doesn’t matter, then why are we even watching?