THERE’S SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON AT AMAZON.COM and it has to do with the new Iron Maiden concert DVD. Even though I agree with the reviewers who are critical of Steve Harris’ atrocious, hyperactive editing, I can’t help but be suspicious of the six most recent one-star reviews (dated March 7–8). Or is it perfectly normal for users named Pitchulo Dun Dun, Poverty “Tungan”, Kael, Gergellor, Patherson and Carmarthen — who apparently live in places called Filha de Uma Puta, Puta Que O Pariu, Jugland, Supimpalândia and Zunder — to post nearly the exact same review in two days? Even more bizarre, five of the six use the word “edition” when they mean to say “editing”. I can’t even begin to form a theory, unless some nutso metalhead actually has six different identities and felt compelled to post a negative review under each. But that’s just crazy.