LOVE’S PROMISE, from The Zig-Zag Woman by Steve Martin:

THE ZIG-ZAG WOMAN: You must miss her.


THE ZIG-ZAG WOMAN: How long has she been gone?

OLDER MAN: Twenty-three years. (Pause.) Divorced me, married an actor. In the beginning of something, its ending is foretold, and we met in an elevator going down. After she left, in my travels I would sit in hotel lobbies expecting her to appear, telling me what a mistake she’d made. I would land at airports, thinking that she got my flight number and would be waiting for me. When I went to a show, I would buy two tickets in case she had found out where I was and quietly joined me, nothing having to be said. I never figured out why she went away, but I did figure out this: love is a promise delivered already broken.

THE ZIG-ZAG WOMAN: I should go back in the box.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN BLAH? You really should try it sometime. It makes every other moment seem like a day at an amusement park with hot dogs and cotton candy and lines that move surprisingly fast for how long they are. (They must really have a system down.) Blah is like smog in your chest, an ice cube on your eyeball, a small poodle barking in the back of your brain. All. Day. Long. Blah is more fun than going to the dentist. But not by much. Blah is when you roll over and stare at the back of that other person’s head and think, “You? I’m still with you?” Blah is waking up in the morning and forgetting why. How did I get here? Is this as good as it gets? What’s that weird smell? Ah, blah. The best thing about it is that at the end of it all maybe someone will show up with ice cream. Just regular ol’ ice cream. Maybe not vanilla — something better than that. Maybe chocolate. Or pistacchio. Or pumpkin pie. And it will taste like the creamiest, tastiest, most scrumptious ice cream you’ve ever had in your entire life. That’s the good thing about blah. Ice cream tastes better. For no good reason at all, after the blah.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE? You really should try it sometime. It’s lots of fun. Much more fun than spinning around in circles until dizziness develops into nausea. More fun than jumping up and down on a bed like a maniac until you hit your head on the ceiling. More fun than seeing people trip on the sidewalk for no apparent reason and then watching as they turn back to inspect defects in the payment — as if it wasn’t just their own momentary absence of grace that caused them to nearly bite it in the first place. And much, much more fun than being sensible. When a person’s smile or frown can make you question the universe, well, you can’t beat that, can you? Go. Be in love. Believe. Be a fool. Thumb your nose at the world for being such a complicated, desperate place. Make strangers in the street think, “Oh god, have they no shame?” Be happy for no good reason at all. It will probably be worth it. (But, of course, I’m only guessing here.)

WE’RE ONLY GUESSING HERE. If I had to measure everything I knew about the universe, god, and cheeseburgers as a percentage of everything there is to know about the universe, god, and cheeseburgers, I’d end up as close to 0% as mathematically possible. The only good part is, Einstein would end up with about the same percentage. After all, he was probably only guessing most of the time, too. (Though, perhaps, he was a better guesser than most.)

‘Jesus’ Inscription on Stone May Be Earliest Ever Found

But Dr. Meyers questioned whether the discovery, if it does refer to Jesus Christ, will “tell us anything we didn’t already know.” He and other scholars agreed that Jesus as a historical figure had long been well established.

Dr. Joseph Fitzmyer , professor emeritus of New Testament studies at Catholic University in Washington, hailed it as a significant discovery if it does indeed refer to Jesus of Nazareth. “That would be a new extrabiblical attestation of his existence, and there are so few extrabiblical things that do,” he said.

Still, Dr. Fitzmyer said he had serious doubts that the third name on the inscription actually referred to Jesus of Nazareth. “My reaction is, it’s possible, but I hesitate to say probable,” he said. “I don’t see how anybody can say any more.”

MY MOM, who’s making my travel arrangements for the holidays, asked to make sure I wasn’t scared of flying on American Airlines. It’s not like the suicidal terrorists are trying to rack up frequent flyer miles, mom.