HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE? You really should try it sometime. It’s lots of fun. Much more fun than spinning around in circles until dizziness develops into nausea. More fun than jumping up and down on a bed like a maniac until you hit your head on the ceiling. More fun than seeing people trip on the sidewalk for no apparent reason and then watching as they turn back to inspect defects in the payment — as if it wasn’t just their own momentary absence of grace that caused them to nearly bite it in the first place. And much, much more fun than being sensible. When a person’s smile or frown can make you question the universe, well, you can’t beat that, can you? Go. Be in love. Believe. Be a fool. Thumb your nose at the world for being such a complicated, desperate place. Make strangers in the street think, “Oh god, have they no shame?” Be happy for no good reason at all. It will probably be worth it. (But, of course, I’m only guessing here.)