SURELY, ALL OF THIS EXTRA BASEBALL IS GRAVY, as YFSF puts it. Nevertheless, hopes are high for a final game 7 (which should have been a final game 5), because we’ve been here before and it usually works out pretty well. But before we lose ourselves too much in anticipation, let’s also remember where we came from, and how good it’s been since:

It was on the bus the other day, heading from Fenway Park to the airport after their miraculous Game 5 win, that Kevin Youkilis reflected on all that he’s been a part of – three comebacks from the depths of elimination – to Varitek, sitting next to him.

“I said, ‘We’re so spoiled,’ ” Youkilis said. “It’s amazing. It’s really amazing the games we play, and how much fun it’s been. When we’re all old and our children are all grown up, we’ll sit around and meet up and talk about games like the game the other day. It’s a wild ride, and we’re very spoiled.”