BASEBALL PLAYERS MIGHT BE THE FUNNIEST OF PRO ATHLETES — but then again, the only sport I really follow is baseball so my theory might be full of crapola. Still, the personalities that make up, say, the NBA and NFL seem to me mostly humorless and/or too full of themselves to say something actually funny as opposed to just buffoonish-ly funny. Of course, Barry Bonds is pretty much the poster boy for “humorless, hyper-competitive, self-important meathead.” But then you also have wiseasses like Kevin Millar, goofballs like Manny, clowns like Big Papi and a bunch of other fun-loving guys trying to keep things light over a long season. An interview with Dustin Pedroia in the Globe, while not hilarious, at least shows these guys aren’t totally unimaginative dumbass jocks who take everything too seriously.

GLOBE: No marriage proposals?
PEDROIA: There was yesterday! [A woman held up a sign that said] “Pedroia’s future wife” and had an arrow pointing down. I was like, “Jeez. This woman must be blind. Poor thing.”