IF MATSUI IS GODZILLA, then shouldn’t Daisuke be Godzuki? According to the Wikipedia entry on Hanna-Barbera’s “The Godzilla Power Hour”:

Also included in the series was a cute diminutive Godzilla counterpart, Godzooky, who could summon the monster himself if necessary.

Makes sense to me, allowing that the monster Daisuke summons is the powerful and possibly mythical gyroball (not his pinstriped brethren, Matsui-san).

Anyway, regardless of whether it’s necessary to call Daisuke Matsuzaka anything but Daisuke Matsuzaka, or whether we should be wary of reinforcing cartoonish cultural stereotypes, I say Godzuki as a nickname is still way better than “Dice-K”. Where did the Globe come up with that? It’s not remotely fun to say, nor does it convey the awesome might of a strange radioactive monster from a foreign land, which if nothing else, is at least intimidating. Dice K sounds like a second rate hip-hop artist, if you ask me.

UPDATE: Apparently, Daisuke is pronounced “Dice-K,” so, uh, that’s where the Globe came up with the nickname – it’s his actual name (sorta). But it’s still kinda lame. I much prefer the one he threw out there during his press conference:

His Translator: His nickname is the Monster in Japan. Now he’ll become the Red Monster. . . . [he’s] very happy and excited to be on the Boston Red Sox.